Private Restaurant Spaces

Welcome to RED's dazzling private restaurant dining spaces. Each is a one-of-a-kind, festive setting, ready to reserve for your group needs.

Contact Us

Please call 405.232.2626 or email us at info [at] redprimesteak [dot] com to reserve your private restaurant space.

Ultra Private Booths: Our enclosed booths have seating for up to 5 people, and are perfect for small business meetings, celebrations, and romantic occasions. We have six of these exclusive booths offering a private dining experience right on the restaurant floor.

The Turntable: Suspended above the Historic Buick's original automobile turntable is a sleek, super-private retreat for an unforgettable experience. The circular "turntable" seats a maximum of 9 guests.

The Steel Room: Slip behind the red silk curtains that separate this space from the main dining room. Surrounded by metal mesh, this unique room can be as secluded or lively as you wish. Maximum seating capacity is 8.

The Mezzanine: The "Mezz" is the ultimate private dining experience. Located a floor above the restaurant, this room provides privacy and a spectacular view of our entire restaurant. Seating for a max of 14 guests is provided in our most grand dining space.